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Kings Landing is a historical experience that takes aim at how history is told and pushes the boundaries! This 300-acres (121-hectares) museum houses 70,000 artifacts, offers 40+ interactive exhibits, horseback riding, interpretation, dining, shopping, workshops, as well as a 19th-century village full of costumed characters, farm animals and their incredible stories. Plan to visit for a few hours or a full day. Roll up your sleeves and make a little history of your own.

Did you know:
  • Kings Landing was created in the late 1960s when  historic homes, trade shops, stores, and churches were moved to this site to allow construction of a hydro-electric dam, which raised the water level of the St. John River over 150 feet.  The research on each home was meticulous, and the history presented is based on real families.
  • In 1783 15,000 United Empire Loyalists were granted land along the river based on their rank in the British army.  They were among the first settlers to this region.
  • Kings Landing is part of a back-breeding program for livestock, vegetables, fruit and flowers.  Many of the varieties you will see are examples of types common in the 19th century, but less common or almost extinct today.
  • Each home and trade area at Kings Landing has been restored to a different time period.  Look for differences in style of clothing, technology, cooking utensils, architectural styles of the home, conveniences such as water and more.
  • In the 1800s animals were an essential part of daily life.  Look for the horse-powered saw near the Lint barn, the horse-drawn potato digger, the ox team and many other examples of how animals pitched in to make ends meet.
  • The name Kings Landing Historical Settlement was chosen for the Kings American Dragoons, a regiment of loyalists in the American Revolution, and “Landing”, for a stopping point or wharf where boats could tie up.
  • Kings Landing is a Crown Corporation of the Province of New Brunswick, under the department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, and is governed by a Board of Directors.
Getting Here is Easy, Leaving is the Hard Part!

Kings Landing is nestled along New Brunswick’s history-rich Saint John River, 20 Minutes West of Fredericton. More…