Kings Landing is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We are so excited to safely welcome you to travel back in time to 19th century, rural New Brunswick!


Please enter our main entrance at the Welcome Centre. Upon arrival, you will be met by masked staff and instructed to sanitize your hands at one of the two handsfree sanitizer dispensers, and to put on your community mask, if you have not already. Community masks are mandatory for entry for anyone over 2 years old. If you cannot wear a mask for medical reasons, you will be provided with a sticker for your shirt so that you are easily identified by staff and not centred out for not wearing a mask. Masks are required to be worn when in buildings or travelling by wagon.

As you enter the Welcome Centre, please respect physical distancing and all signage. This includes directional signage indicating which doors to enter and exit. You must keep 2m/6ft between yourself and other parties. A new informational panel on pandemics in history is on display so you can see how history has a tendency to repeat itself.  Our Admissions staff are located behind a barrier. If possible, please use debit, credit or a gift card to pay. POS machines will be wiped down after each use. If you choose to use cash, please have exact change. This will help us keep everything clean and everyone safe. Admission staff will use hand sanitizer after every sale.

Washrooms are available at the Welcome Centre, the King’s Head Inn, and next to the Parish School. Washrooms are thoroughly cleaned prior to opening each day and again at 1:00 p.m.; common surfaces are wiped down hourly during open hours. Before entering a washroom, please use a hand sanitizing station. Once in the washrooms, signs regarding physical distancing protocol, handwashing protocol are prominently displayed. Please follow their instruction.

In the Village

In the village, over 60 handsfree sanitizing stations have been installed for your convenience. Historic buildings have barriers between you and our staff: some are counters, Plexiglass, wood or rope and stanchions. Staff have been instructed to wear their mask when they are in close proximity to you or other staff and/or/if they wish, at any time. Staff will be milling about in period costume reminding visitors about physical distancing and the need for community masks upon entering any building or riding on the wagons. Demonstrations of cooking, fabrication and craftwork will take place out of doors where possible. Common surfaces: barriers, railings, counters, etc. will be wiped down with soapy water frequently. Services at St. Mark’s Anglican Church and Riverside Presbyterian Church will require physical distancing. Services may take place outside. Activities, such as theatre shows, taking place in the Ingraham Barn, will require physical distancing. Please have a seat anywhere not marked with an “X.”


Each wagon stop is marked with a horse head silhouette and has a hand sanitizing station. Where physical distancing is not guaranteed on horse and wagon rides, please sanitize your hands and put on your community mask prior to boarding.


The King’s Head Inn and Axe & Plough Café will be offering takeout. Inside seating areas at Kings Landing’s restaurant, café, and pub may be unavailable at times, depending on weather and occupancy levels.  All tables will be placed 3m apart. Staff will supervise the use of tables and will continuously clean and sanitize the dining and service areas.

How to Order Takeout at the King’s Head Inn:

  1. Place your order at the window marked “Order Here” on the left side of the Inn.
  2. Bring your drink tray to a table with a sign inviting you to have a seat.
  3. When your name is called, pick up your tray at the window marked “Pickup Here.”
  4. When you are finished, please take your reusable containers home with you and leave any waste on the table. All takeout containers are compostable. Reusable containers are labelled.


Located in the Welcome Centre, the Peddler’s Market is home to a collection of special gifts and souvenirs of Kings Landing and New Brunswick. There’s something for everyone and one-of-a-kind products only found at Kings Landing. You don’t have to pay admission to Kings Landing to visit the store and shop.

Did you see something you love in the village? You may just be able to find a replica at the Grant Store. Shop the Kings Landing Collection, in the old fashioned general store. Here, you’ll find souvenirs made by Kings Landing artisans, old fashioned treats and reproductions of some of the favourite village items.

When on the retail floor, our staff will wear masks when interacting with visitors and gloves for handling goods. Common areas items touched by visitors that are not purchased will be cleaned. When shopping, we ask that you use credit or debit. Gift cards may be used at the Peddler’s Market; however, the Grant Store is currently unable to accept gift cards. If you need to use cash, please use exact change. POS machines will be wiped down after each use. Our Retail staff will use hand sanitizer after every sale.

Leaving Kings Landing

When you’re ready to leave, please follow signage to exit through The Peddler’s Market. A hand sanitizing station is located by doors; please sanitize your hands and put on your mask before entry. Be sure to stop in at the MacBeath Gallery to see “Keeping it Clean” a handsfree exhibit on the history of laundry in New Brunswick.

We encourage you to help us to continue to improve the Kings Landing experience by leaving us feedback on Facebook, TripAdvisor or Google Reviews. Feedback stations are also available in the Welcome Centre and are sanitized after each use.


Kings Landing Corporation is committed to providing a safe environment for staff and visitors. Each procedure and process that is either proposed or in place will be regularly reviewed to ensure its effectiveness. Staff in period costume, including those not traditionally in costume, will be vigilant in their reminders to visitors and staff that to remain safe, we must follow all Covid-19 protocols. To that end, additional security staff has been brought on to provide for 24/7 coverage.

Our team has signed off in writing, their understanding and commitment to stopping the spread. We believe that as an open-air museum we can successfully provide an outdoor venue for visitors to walk, get fresh air, and experience New Brunswick history at its best.


Kings Landing’s administration offices are open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday.

Smoking and vaping are prohibited while at Kings Landing. You may smoke in the visitor parking lot, but this is the only place on the property that smoking is permitted.

Kings Landing restricts the admission of animals to service animals only.

Wheelchairs and electric scooters are available at the Welcome Centre on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no fees for their use, but a waiver must be completed before accessing an electric scooter. We have a limited supply and reservations are not permitted. Wheelchairs and scooters are sanitized between uses.

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