Welcome to Kings Landing where there’s no time like the present to discover the past! Kings Landing takes aim at how history is told and pushes the boundaries of open-air museums. Situated along the Wolastoq (St. John River), this 300-acre museum is home to over 70,000 artefacts and a 19th-century village full of costumed characters, farm animals and 70 historic buildings. Kings Landing also offers workshops, educational programs, children’s summer camps, exhibits, and unique culinary experiences.

Kings Landing’s mission is to attract, engage, enrich and educate the people of New Brunswick and visitors by showcasing the well-researched adaptation of people who lived along the St. John River Valley in the 19th century.

Acknowledgement of First Peoples and Traditional Territory

The Kings Landing Corporation recognizes and respects that the land on which we gather is part of the traditional territory of the Wolastoqey.

Nonomonen ‘ci Amsqahseweyak Pomawsuwinuwok naka Nehkayiw ‘Kihtakomikumuwa.

Kings Landing Corporation ‘koti nonomoniya eli ktahkomiq etoli maqahatiyeq yut ktahkomiq skat kisi miluwahtiq Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet).  Yut ktahkomiq witowikhasu Lakutuwakonol ‘ci Sankewitahasuwakon naka Witapehtimok Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), Mi’kmaq, naka Peskotomuhkatiyik amsqahs kisi wisuwonhamuhtitpon wici Okamonuhkewi Kincemoss/Kincemossusq neke 1725.  Lakutuwakonol mate uskuhutomuwoniya kipahpuwassik ktahkomiq naka wicuhketikonol kenuk awonehe wewinomoniya eli Wolastoqiyik (Maliseet), Mi’kmaq, naka Peskotomuhkatiyik tpeltomuhtit naka ‘kisihtuniya tpaskuwakonol weci kisi aqamlukhatitit mawiw.

Getting Here is Easy, Leaving is the Hard Part!

Kings Landing is nestled along New Brunswick’s history-rich Saint John River, 20 Minutes West of Fredericton. More…