Morehouse Farm

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Historic Photos of the Morehouse Farm

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Morehouse History

Construction on the Morehouse was completed in 1812, after which time Daniel Morehouse and his family moved in. The house was located in the Queensbury Parish, which is across the river from its current location at Kings Landing in Prince William, New Brunswick. The property would be sold to a few different owners over the years until the beginning of the Mactaquac Dam project and the development of Kings Landing. The house was chosen around 1966 to be part of the Village. It was moved to Kings Landing afterwards for refurbishment and restoration, and officially opened in 1976 with a visit from Queen Elizabeth II.

Additional Resources

Click the links below to read more about some of the original residents of the Morehouse Farm.
Daniel Morehouse
Daniel Morehouse – Military
Jane Morehouse
George Morehouse
George Morehouse – Letter to son
Mary Morehouse
John Morehouse
Charles Morehouse
Mamre Morehouse (Ingraham)

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