Children’s Camps

Important Notice:  There are no overnight camps happening in 2023. The Visiting Cousin and Family Kin programmes are on hold as the building that houses the campers, the Slipp House, is currently undergoing major repairs and upgrades. 

If you’re looking for a truly unique summer camp experience in New Brunswick, look no further!

At Kings Landing’s Visiting Cousins and Family Kin programs, each day starts early with structured activities before campers enter the site to work alongside local tradesmen, artisans, and entertainers and attend our one-room schoolhouse. As the sun sets, the entertainment continues with games, songs and drama. Visiting Cousins and Family Kin make lasting friendships with children from across the globe. They have so much fun experiencing the history that they don’t even realize they’re learning!

Visiting Cousins

During their summer break, children ages 9-14 have the chance to roll up their sleeves and experience 19th-century life first-hand! Known as “Visiting Cousins” to one of the historic Kings Landing families, campers dress in period costume and get in on as many activities as possible! They milk cows, prepare meals, braid straw, create handiwork, attend our one-room schoolhouse, and much, much more!

Family Kin 

Older campers, ages 12-15, are invited to dive deeper into the 19th-century lifestyle as Family Kin. This exclusive experience offers the chance for previous Visiting Cousins (requirement) to return to Kings Landing in costume and focus on one area of trade or artisanship.

Family Kin can specialize in Spinning & Weaving, Special Crafts, or Homemaking (including cooking). Children in this specialty will also do other activities that are not related to their area of specialization. Family Kin can also apprentice with the blacksmith, printer, or carpenter, while also experiencing life as 19th-century farmers and learning about areas outside of their apprenticeship.

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