FAQs & Visitor Information

Here are responses to frequently asked questions about Kings Landing:

What is Kings Landing?

Kings Landing is a 300-acre open-air museum with over 90,000 artefacts and a 19th-century village full of costumed characters, farm animals and 70 historic buildings. Kings Landing also offers workshops, educational programs, children’s summer camps, exhibits, and unique culinary experiences.

What are the hours of operation?
  • Kings Landing is closed for the season.
  • *NEW for 2024!* Kings Landing will be open seven days a week from June 1 to October 14.
  • Kings Landing’s administration offices are open year-round from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, except on holidays.
Where is Kings Landing located?

Kings Landing is located in Prince William, New Brunswick, Canada—just 20 minutes west of Fredericton, on Route 102, or via the Trans-Canada Highway at Exit 253. GPS coordinates: N45 52.630’ W066 58.718’. 

Are pets allowed at Kings Landing? 

Kings Landing restricts the admission of animals to behaved service animals only. The owner must be able to provide documentation (signed by a medical professional) confirming the animal’s service duty. It is encouraged that the animal to wear clothing or a marker indicating their role. This procedure follows NB Human Rights Commission guidelines.
Other animals are not permitted on the museum grounds. There are a number of animal care facilities located in the Fredericton area and a quick web search is sure to provide you with a reputable animal caregiver.
In addition to horses, cows, pigs, sheep, oxen, and rabbits, our farm team does include a friendly dog that is trained to work on our farms and interact with guests.

How much does it cost to visit Kings Landing?

You can see all of our rates here. If you are visiting more than once per season, a season pass is the most economical option.

How long does it take to visit?

Some guests visit for a couple of hours, some for a couple of days. We recommend allowing a minimum of 3-4 hours to see as much of the Village as possible.

Is Kings Landing suitable for kids?

Yes! Kings Landing is a great place for children to get fresh air, see our farm animals, learn a little, and have some fun. This open-air museum is large, and there is often a lot going on, so we kindly ask you to keep a close eye on your little ones to ensure they stay safe and respect the animals, gardens, staff, artefacts and buildings that comprise Kings Landing. 

How much walking is required to visit Kings Landing?

The main road running through Kings Landing is 1.1 km each way with plenty of rest stops along the way. Free, hop-on, hop-off wagon rides are also available but are not always guaranteed. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes, drinking plenty of water, and protecting yourself from the sun. We also offer wheelchair and electric scooter rentals. More details about this service are below.

Are the horse and wagon rides free?

There are no additional charges for horse and wagon rides at Kings Landing.

The rides operate on a first-come, first-served basis and are not always guaranteed.  The rides run throughout the day but are required to stop occasionally for the teamsters and the horses to have a rest and some lunch. Breaks are also taken at the teamster’s discretion to care for the horses and switch out teams. Horse and wagon rides may be delayed in order to repair road damage due to heavy rains or other extreme weather and on busy days. Our horses always come first. All animal-related programming is subject to the health and safety of the animals. The last wagon ride arrives at the Grant Store at 4:30 pm to bring guests up to the Welcome Centre before the site closes at 5 pm.

The roads at Kings Landing may be bumpy, so please remain seated and ride at your own risk.

Kings Landing has taken care to select Percheron and Belgian horses for our horse and wagon teams. These heritage breeds have been bred specifically for agriculture and hauling heavy goods.

Are wheelchairs or electric scooters available?

Yes. Wheelchairs and electric scooters are available at the Welcome Centre on a first-come, first-served basis. There are no fees for their use, but a waiver must be completed before accessing an electric scooter. We have a limited supply and reservations are not permitted.

Is Kings Landing accessible? 

Every effort is being made to ensure accessibility at Kings Landing while maintaining the historical integrity of the buildings and grounds. However, guests with mobility issues may find some areas of Kings Landing challenging. Kings Landing is a large open-air museum with over 70 historic buildings on 300-acres of land. Our roads and pathways are not paved.

Free horse and wagon rides are also available to provide a unique view of Kings Landing. Many guests choose to use this experience as a way to reduce the total time spent walking. Wheelchairs and walkers are permitted on the wagons, scooters, however, are not permitted.

Does Kings Landing sell gift certificates?

Gift certificates can be purchased on-site or by emailing amber.price@gnb.ca.

Do I need to make a reservation at the King’s Head Inn Restaurant?

Reservations at the King’s Head Inn Restaurant are only required for groups of 15 or more. You can make a group reservation by emailing info.kingslanding@gnb.ca. A member of our team will contact you at their earliest convenience.

Do I need to pay admission to dine at the King’s Head Inn Restaurant?

All guests, including those only visiting the King’s Head Inn Restaurant, must pay admission. You do not need to pay admission to order from the Axe & Plough Café in the Welcome Centre.

Is there parking for RVs and campers at Kings Landing?

Yes. There is plenty of free day parking at Kings Landing. Our upper parking lot has space for larger vehicles. While there are no facilities for overnight camping at Kings Landing, there are a number of nearby campgrounds. Overnight parking is not permitted at Kings Landing.

Are there accommodations near Kings Landing?

There are numerous accommodations in the Fredericton and Nackawic areas near Kings Landing. An online search will show plenty of wonderful options. There are no accommodations at Kings Landing.

What else is there to do and see in the area?

New Brunswick’s riverfront capital, Fredericton is brimming with a rich heritage. Plenty of outdoor space, including riverside trails, and delicious cuisine make this city a must-visit. For a listing of what to see and do, please visit Tourism New Brunswick, Fredericton Tourism, or Destination Nackawic.

Getting Here is Easy, Leaving is the Hard Part!

Kings Landing is nestled along New Brunswick’s history-rich Saint John River, 20 Minutes West of Fredericton. More…