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Kings Landing strives for guests to have an experience they will never forget. We encourage all to leave a review and share their experience with our team, letting us know how we did. Below are some reviews straight from our past guests about their time here at Kings Landing.


Leanne Curtis said on September 30, 2022

A great day out so much to see , everyone was lovely and interactive , the on site restaurant food was amazing and very reasonably priced and the homemade lemonade was lovely .
Would highly recommend we arrived at 11am and didn’t leave until closing at 4.30 we also got a horse and carriage ride back to the exit .

Melli Swain said on August 18, 2022
Gorgeous location, kindly staff, beautiful heritage buildings, gardens and animals…It really was hard to leave.

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Hanna Morris said 4 months ago
If you would like to live a day from the old centuries, and get to know the daily life of people who enjoyed this life, then Visit Kings Landing.
It has been established and maintained to reflect the culture of old centuries and its lifestyle.
Staff are awesome, very welcoming, helpful, always smiling and guide everyone.
Enjoy the horse wagons ride. They have an old fashioned restaurant and bar, authentic printing shop.
I loved one of their house where they display the dried herbs inside one room and called it medicine room, as they use these herbs as medications whenever they are sick.
It’s such a wonderful place deserve a visit.

Karla Adams said 5 months ago

Excellent experience. I loved the quality of the presentation of early life in New Brunswick. The presenters were passionate about their roles and I enjoyed our interactions. I can’t wait to go back soon.

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Alejandro B said on August 25, 2022

Very glad that I stopped here with my family as we traveled back home to Ontario. As this was my first visit I cannot speak about how it was in the past. What I can say is that it is comparable to Upper Canada Village, which I have visited several times, with the difference that Kings Landing is less crowded, thus allowing you to spend more time speaking with the historical re-enactors.
Among our fun experiences at Kings Landing: My family saw a temperance protest against alcohol, while I had a beer brewed with a 1850s recipe at The Kings Head; my kids went on a wagon ride; I had a fascinating chat with the head of the general store about how goods where transported 150 years ago: and I chatted with a 19th century family as they finished eating lunch inside their home.
Speaking of food my family enjoyed our lunch that we ordered at The Kings Head.
The next time we are in New Brunswick we will certainly return here. This site is quite large, as our 3 hour stop was not enough to see everything.

Jan G said on July 26, 2022 
It is always a wonderful day trip where we see buildings, talk with staff, meet the farm animals and enjoy wandering around admiring the crops and the peaceful surroundings.

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Completed October 6, 2022 
5/5 stars: Beautiful time of year in the fall. Gardens are all so wonderful that you can’t take a bad photo. World class staff interaction and engagement. Sawmill was my favourite because the operator was excellent! Storytelling for hours and didn’t want to leave.

Completed September 3, 2022
5/5 Stars: New Brunswick hidden gem, absolutely wonderful

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